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About the race

General information: 

  • The event is invitational and operates according to this notion. Therefore, the organizing commitee has the final word for who is going to participate.

  • Due to our organizing model approach, the dangerous places and police regulations, we are going to have a limited number of participants.

  • The organization will decide which are the prerequisites and qualifications for runners to be accepted as they should be able to finish in good health. Thus, unwanted issues to a physically and harmonious completion of the event will be prevented. 

  • A male runner in order to qualify needs the following: 245km in 24h and/or 310km in 48h race and/or 700km in 6day race, officially contacted outside Greece

  • A female runner in order to qualify needs the following: 215 km in 24h and/or 270km in 48h race and/or 650km in 6day race, officially contacted outside Greece

  • The time limit for the completion of the race is: 84 hours.

Description of the course:

  • The surface of the course varies from place to place. It is mainly hilly in old asphalted roads, but there are also gravel roads and small paths where the runners are encouraged to bring their own torches, as probably will pass those paths during the night (on the way to Sparta or back to Athens)

  • The entire distance of the course is approximately 455 km (paths and gravel roads cannot be accurately measured).

Read carefully the PDF files attached as you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions and the race rules before you submit the pre-registration form.

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